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Everything you do in Tape takes place in your Tape organization. The name of your organization is best your company name e.g. "Acme Inc.". Think of an organization in Tape as a virtual home for all your work to organize information and collaborate with your teammates.


  1. Create an organization

  2. Organization: a tour of the basics

  3. Left sidebar

  4. Main screen

  5. Right sidebar

  6. Help & support

Create an organization

Organization: a tour of the basics

Your Tape interface is split into three sections:

1.) Left sidebar

  • Tape's expandable left sidebar navigates you to your home screen or to every workspace

  • Set up your organization settings

  • All the workspaces you create will appear here

2.) Main Screen

  • This is where all the content you create lives

  • Navigated to Home brings up the features Focus, valuable shortcuts to content, and shows you who is online

  • All other navigation in the left sidebar displays the selected workspace in the middle of your screen

  • The global search and the quick add button are always at the top

3.) Right sidebar

  • Is all about your personal features. Your notifications, chat messages, and calendar.

  • You also have direct access to help & support

Left sidebar

1.) Your organization name and URL

Displays the current name and URL of your organization, both can be changed within the organization settings. The URL is your unique link on the internet to sign in to your organization.

2.) Organization settings

Click to open settings for the account information of your organization, payment plan, and billing information. Learn more about organization settings.

3.) Home Button

  • Navigate to home (we'll go through this in more detail)

4.) Workspace

  • Any workspace in your left sidebar can be seen and shared by all other members of your organization

  • This part of your left sidebar can be edited by other people on your team, and you'll all see the same navigation at all times

  • Rearrange the workspace by drag and drop

  • By clicking on a workspace it will be blue-colored and open the workspace at your Main Screen in the middle of your screen

5.) + button to add a new workspace

  • Click the + button at the bottom of the last workspace on your left sidebar to create a new workspace. Choose from the following options:

  • New workspace = Start from scratch

  • Choose from templates = Tape templates can be duplicated to create your own workspace. After that, they can be customized to suit your needs.

  • The core of every workspace is at least one app. Learn more about apps.

6.) Navigate with the left sidebar

  • Your left sidebar is elastic, resize or hide your left sidebar:

  • Just click and drag the right edge to resize it

  • Click << to close the left sidebar - to reopen click the >> button

  • Rearrange workspaces. Moving workspaces around your left sidebar is easy. Drag and drop!

  • Blue font colors help you know where you are in relation to your tape structure.

Main Screen


While your team may have multiple tasks that they’re working on at any given time, there are likely a few specific tasks that matter most to you.

Home gives you easy access to your most important tasks, so you don't have to waste time searching for them and spend more time getting your work done.

  1. Using your Focus in Tape is probably the easiest way to get organized faster. Your focus can display everything assigned to you. Whether it is a reminder, checklist item, or all records with a status field. Learn more about the focus

  2. Recent box - shows recently used records. Each record shows the title of the record, displayed in large font size. In addition the name of the workspace, the name of the app, and the recently viewed or updated. Click to open recently viewed or updated records. See up to ten by clicking Show more

  3. Content for you box - these are your personal trends and are determined by an algorithm. This algorithm identifies records that you don't follow, that are popular in your organization now, or that have been popular for a while to help you discover the hottest topics in your organization. Click to show more and click on every record to open a single one.

  4. Your team box - shows a selection of your team members with their current availability. Learn more about how to set your status and manage your availability.


In the left sidebar, you can identify which workspace you have just selected by the blue font color. This workspace name is also displayed at the top. Here below the colored blue font is the selected app. You can click on any app to immediately jump to it. Learn more about the structure of Tape

1.) See the selected workspace

2.) Workspace settings - click to:

  • Change workspace name or workspace icon

  • Edit a description

  • Duplicate the workspace, with or without the content

  • Leave workspace

  • Delete workspace

3.) Share button - click to give members or new users access to your workspace. Learn more to share your work - by sharing your workspace

4.) See the selected app

5.) App settings - learn more about apps

6.) View, your app in multiple layouts: View the exact same values in different ways, learn more about the board, list, or table layouts in views and decide what is best for your app.

Global Search and Quick add Button

With Tape, you can easily find information and add new content quickly to solve any problem. Therefore the global search and the quick add button are always at the top.

Global search - Click to open Tape’s search window, where you can either type in what you're looking for or quickly jump to your recent searches.

Quick add Button - Click the blue-filled + button on the top right side to create directly a record from your most used apps. Learn more about the Quick add button.

Right sidebar

User setting

Click to open the settings of your profile information, update your profile image, change your email address, set another time zone, and much more. Learn more about account settings.


Click to see all your notifications in one place. This menu combines updates that have been made on records you follow, mentions of you across every record, and new work assignments as a member. A notification badge will appear here when you have unread notifications. Learn more about notifications.


Click the "Chat Icon" to see your direct messages in your chat. Use instant messages even for group conversations. The best use is for social topics, otherwise, chat channels can get quickly disorganized and chaotic. For socializing it’s good to have dedicated areas in Tape that stretch across teams to improve communication and culture. Use comments, threads & mentions in records and collaborate on business topics with your teammates. Learn more about chat messages.

Personal calendar

Everyone in Tape has their own personal calendar that helps them manage their time, workload, and deadlines. Click the calendar icon to see what’s on your calendar for today, manage your calendar settings, or more. Learn more about your personal calendar.

Help & support

  • Click the ? icon at the bottom right of the window to open Help & Support options:

    • Help Center: It will take you to the help center's main page.

    • Send us a message: Lets you send a message directly to our support team

    • Give feedback: Share your feedback with us to feature requests, bugs, or anything else

    • Community forum: Coming soon

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