The Focus gives a central overview of everything that is assigned to you in Tape. Sort and organize your focus the way you want.

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To access your Focus, click Home in the sidebar.

What is displayed in your focus?

πŸ’‘ Everything assigned to you in Tape:

Recently assigned

The Recently assigned section is a kind of inbox in your focus. As soon as something is assigned to you for the first time, it appears in this section. Of course, you can rename this section. The new name should always remind you that only this section shows when something is reassigned to you.

Custom sections

To best organize your work, you can create custom sections in your focus. Once created, you can easily rename, reorder or delete sections. With just a few clicks you can create your own system for organizing your work.

Here are some ways to get started.


Sort your focus by due date. Additionally, you can also sort within your sections by due date by activating Sort within sections. This will keep the order of the sections.


By showing/hiding

  • Reminders

  • Checklist items

  • Records

you can easily adjust your focus.

Completed, Incomplete and All

Use these settings to display only Completed, only Incomplete or All that has been assigned to you. If you select Completed, you also have the option to display what you have done Since today, Since 1 week and Since 2 weeks.

Create, find & edit reminders in your focus

All reminders, including those you create in your focus, are visible only to you. You can use the + next to each section to create new reminders and then move them to other sections.

Save your views as default in focus

That your individual sorting, filter and view settings are not lost, they are automatically saved in your focus. This way you will find your personal organization system exactly as you created it the next time you use it.

Drag & Drop

If your focus is not sorted by due date, you can easily reorder by Drag & Drop.

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