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Databases in Tape are applications, called apps, that organize records. With an app, you can design a specific function directly for the user. Each app is its own database and has its own settings. Build an app by customizing fields. An app's structure will determine how records within it are structured. The name of an app is usually plural and the record name is singular because several records are in one app.


  1. Differences between Tape and other software with databases

  2. Apps: a tour

  3. Create an app

  4. Open & edit records

  5. Customize records

  6. Collaborating in apps

Difference from other software with databases

Tape apps are different from spreadsheets and databases built with other software in many ways:

  • Each item is its own editable record. Every item you enter into your app can be opened as its own Tape record, where you can save any information you want and collaborate with your teammate about it. More details are below.

  • Customizable fields: Add fields to contextualize, label, and augment any apps with more information, like links, members, numbers, due dates, etc. Learn more about field types

  • View your app in multiple layouts: View the exact same values in different ways, learn more about board, list, or table layouts in views and decide what is best for your app.

Apps: a tour

Every app has the same menus and setting options:

  1. App: Blue-colored name of the selected app

  2. ••• menu: Next to the app name. This allows you to change the app settings, customize fields, duplicate apps, and more

  3. View name: Shows the name of the selected view

  4. Save button: To save your changes in views

  5. Customize settings based on the selected layout e.g. the row high of a table or the card size of the board layout

  6. Filter menu: Apply filters based on field values and save filters to your views as you prefer

  7. Sort menu: Sort your data by field values. Similar to filters, you can save the sort to your view as you prefer

  8. View Search: Type in any word to only show records that fit that search

  9. Add new button: Click to add new records into your app that opens a new record instantly

  10. Dropdown menu: Open the menu with records templates you've configured - learn more.

  11. View sidebar: Add, edit, customize views or switch between all the different views of your app and more

  12. + for a new view: With its own layout, filters, or sorts and decide how can see the view

Create an app

  • Tap the + button next to the last app in the row and choose one option:

    • New app = Start from scratch

    • Choose from templates = Tape templates can be duplicated to create your own app. They can then be customized to how you prefer.

  • Add a new field by clicking the +. This will bring up a menu where you can select a field type. Click Create to save the new field and continue this step as many times as you want to add new fields. Learn more about customizing field types

💡 Starting with a template and customizing it is the best way to practice!

Open & edit records

Every item in your database, whether it's a row in a list or table, or a card on a board, is its own record that you fill with field values. Here's how to open database items as a record:

  • In tables, click on each row

  • In lists, just click on the title

  • On boards, click anywhere on the card

You'll see a single record. All the field names and their field values are on the left side of the record. Click on the field value to edit. The field types help you to fill in to keep things simple e.g. date field, text field, numbers field, member, etc.

Customize records

Any records in a Tape app include this three same components:

  1. Fields with their name, type, and value

  2. Incoming relations indicate all the records that link to the current record so you can easily navigate between them. In other words, a kind of backlinks. This component is just shown, if there is at least one incoming relation.

  3. Activity to see updates with the record made and comments that capture conversations between you and your teammates. You can use them to tag each other, ask questions, provide feedback, and more. Learn more about record activity

As with most in Tape, you can customize the field. To access these options:

  • Within a record: Click the dropdown menu next to the record name at the top of every record and select Customize fields

  • See the window pop up:

  • Rearrange fields: Change the order in which your fields appear in your record by using Drag & Drop.

  • Click the "pen icon" to open the menu to the field settings. Change the field name, and edit general or specific field type settings. Learn more about field setting

  • Click the ••• menu to duplicate or delete a field

💡 You can also access the Customize fields menu by clicking on the ••• icon next to the app name.

Collaborating in a record

Long feedback threads spread across email, chat, and other apps are far from ideal.

When comments or updates within fields happen, you don’t need to go searching for a stakeholder’s input or ping them for feedback. All comments and updates are live in one record. Learn more about comments, threads & mentions in records, and get notified if you're mentioned or with every record update. Learn more about notifications.

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