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Stay Efficient with the "Quick add button"
Stay Efficient with the "Quick add button"

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It is common for managers to be faced with a multitude of tasks to assign, with little time to do so. At times, you might need to add new tasks (or issues, or wikis) on the fly. In some cases, you may want to do this from any place within Tape without first going to the original task, issue, or wiki app.

A Tape hack makes all of this possible: using the "Quick add button".

Customize your "Quick add button"

  • Click the button next to your organization's name. By default, no apps are pinned.

  • Click on the Edit pinned apps icon to open the settings menu.

  • Select your favorite apps from the Suggested apps list by clicking the "pin" icon behind each app's name

  • Rearrange your pinned apps via drag and drop in the order you prefer in the Pinned apps section.

  • All changes are auto-saved.

Create a new record with the Quick add button

  • Click the button next to your organization's name.

  • Select one of your Pinned apps

  • An unsaved record of the selected application will open, which can be created by clicking the Save button

To learn more about other ways to create a record see here.

πŸ’‘ Using record templates as the default could be a great addition click hereβ†’

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