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When you sign up for Tape, you have created an organization. There are several organization-specific settings you can customize to your liking.

💡 Note: The following article assumes you're an admin or owner. Otherwise, you won't see all these options.

Access workspace settings:

  • Click on your organization menu, the ... next to your organization name

  • Tap on Organization settings this brings up a menu with several settings

Organization profile

  • Change your organization icon: Click on it to choose your own image

  • You can change your organization name: We recommend keeping it short and simple! Choose best a team or organization name e.g. your company name "Acme Inc."

  • Edit your organization URL: Create a short, custom, and memorable URL for your organization. The URL is your unique link on the internet to sign in to your organization. Note: Any links using the existing URL won't work anymore if you decide to change the organization URL.

  • Add some optional information with description, location, website, and email address

General settings:

  • You can change your organization language. This affects system notifications and sign-up emails.

  • Change the way how the user name is displayed. Show full names instead of display names.

  • Delete organization - Caution!!! Deleting a Tape organization cannot be undone. All content and files will be irretrievable deleted. Please use caution before deletion.

Manage members

Shows all your organization's active and deactivated users. Change the account type, edit information, or deactivate every single user account. Learn more about to manage members


View the status of people's invitations. Learn more about invitations


Tape has a free plan, but you can upgrade your organization for even more features & functionality. Learn more about the details of plans, billing, and payment

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