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The left-hand sidebar of Tape simplifies the process of organizing all the content within your organization. Below, you will learn how to structure, rearrange, and manage using the sidebar.


Sidebar basics

The sidebar is located on the left-hand side of the screen, and it's a important starting point for many Tape features:

  • Switch between different organizations you are logged into

  • Manage your organization settings

  • Go to your Focus with the "Home" Button

  • Manage your workspaces and rearrange them using drag-and-drop

  • View and duplicate templates within your organization

  • Navigate to your workflow automations

💡 Tip: you can open and close the sidebar by clicking the >> and << buttons. Or, use the keyboard shortcut cmd/ctrl + #

Your sidebar is organized in different sections:

Click on your current organization's name, you'll see:

  • Settings Click to open a control panel for editing your account information, organization settings, or billing information

  • Add members a shortcut to add members to your organization

  • Organization switcher to switch between the organizations you belong to, create a new one, add another account, or log out.

At the top of your sidebar, you'll see:


  • Favorites is where you can pin records or apps you need to access quickly to the top of your sidebar. This section will appear when you favorite your first record or apps.

  • To add a record or app to your favorites, navigate to it, then click the 🌟 star button at the top. You'll see it appear under Favorites in your sidebar.

💡 Note: To remove a record or app from your favorites, either go to it and re-click the Favorite button to uncheck it. Or, hover over the record or app name in your sidebar and click the ••• icon that appears. You'll see the option to Remove from favorites.


Workspaces are a dedicated area for every team within your organization, and can be customized on an individual basis. Learn more about workspaces → LINK Intro to workspaces

In the Workspaces section, you'll also see any other workspaces that you are a member of.

  • Click the name of any workspaces to open the workspace

  • Keep your sidebar clean by leaving any teamspaces you don't need to access. Hover over the teamspace name and click the ••• button, then Leave teamspace.

Create a new workspace in your sidebar

  • On hover over the label Workspaces, you'll see a + sign appear

  • Click the + and a menu will pop up

  • Give your workspace a name. This is a necessary requirement

  • Customize your workspace with a description and icon

  • Decide who can access your workspace. You have four workspace access settings to choose from, default, open, closed, or private

  • Click Create worksapce button.

Create a new app in your sidebar

  • Hover over the workspace name in your sidebar

  • Click the + button to add a new app. Choose creating from templates, import or a new blank app.

Open an app from the sidebar

If you select Sidebar App Navigation in your workspace settings. You can open up each toggle to reveal apps inside any workspace.

Access workspace options

Once you've created a workspace, you can access options to Add members, Worskpace Settings,Copy link , Duplicate, or Deletethat workspace directly from the sidebar.

  • Hover over any workkspace and click the ••• icon that appears. You'll see the following menu


  • Any records or workspace that you've shared with only select individuals will appear under Shared.

  • You'll see this section only if you are not a member of the workspace from the shares record or workspace

  • Other members of your organization who haven't been invited can't view these records or apps.

  • If you have more than 7 records or apps in the Shared section, you'll see some additional options to help you stay organized!

    • Click more to open the Shared section pop-up.

    • Choose which record or app you'd like pinned to your sidebar

    • You can search for shared records or apps

    • Hover over record or app name and you will see who shared with you

💡 Tip: Click on the name of any sidebar section - Workspaces, Shared, Favorites - to collapse it! Keeps your sidebar nice and clean.


This opens Tape´s template market, where you can create a new workspace using templates to get a heat start.


This brings you to the automation center from here you can manage all your workflow automations of your organization.

Edit your sidebar

It doesn't take much to move workspace around your sidebar. Just drag and drop!

The order of the shown workspace is individual for each user.

Resize or hide your sidebar

Your sidebar is elastic — configure it however is most helpful for you.

  • Just click and drag the right edge to resize it.

  • And click the << that appears on hover to collapse your sidebar completely. It'll slide back out when you hover over the left-hand edge of the window.

  • You can reopen it by clicking the button at the top left.

  • Or, use the keyboard shortcut cmd/ctrl + # to collapse and reopen the sidebar.

  • You can also collapse/hide the Favorites, Workspaces, or Shared sections of your sidebar. Just click on those headings to hide or reveal them.

Manual sorting of workspace

Customize your sidebar with easy drag-and-drop sorting. Place important workspaces at the top and less used ones at the bottom. This way, each user can set up their sidebar in a way that makes sense to them, keeping everything organized. Changing the order won't affect other member in your organization.

Delete workspace

  • Hover over any workspace name and click the ••• icon to access workspace options

  • Click Delete workspace

Hide starter templates

When you first sign into Tape, you'll see a collection of workspace already in your sidebar. These are suggestions to test Tape. You can delete this workspace anytime:

  • Hover over any workspace name and click the ••• icon to access workspace options

  • Click Delete workspace

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