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You can save any Tape data to your computer as a CSV or Excel file. This is one way to back up your information or to analyze your data.

How to export the data from an app

  • Tap on an app

  • Click the ... menu

  • Click Export

  • A window will pop up at the center of your screen asking what you want to download

  • Choose the export format Excel or CSV from the dropdown

  • Choose the included data. Everything for all the data from your app or the data of the Current view

  • Choose the included content, Everything includes all checklist entries or No checklists

  • Switch on Include files & images to export all content from file fields

  • Switch on Include comments to export everything in the comments

  • Click Export to download a file to your computer

  • You can open the files corresponding to your databases in Excel, Numbers, etc. to view your data

💡Multiple line text fields are automatically exported in three different columns with the format: text, markdown, and HTML.

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