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Limits on apps, fields, and automations
Limits on apps, fields, and automations
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Please note that most of the listed limits are not strictly enforced, and in certain cases, higher values are possible. Nevertheless, this serves as a general recommendation to improve the speed and performance of your apps.


  • App records name: 250 characters

  • Board view: 50 cards on first load. The first 300 cards in the view you choose will be shown after loading has finished. Additional filters are needed to reduce the number of cards shown

  • Comments: 2,500 comments on an individual record

  • Duplicate app: 5,000 records can be duplicated at a time (will soon be significantly increased)

  • Export/import: Excel 20,000 rows; CSV 100,000 rows (robustness improvement in development)

  • Fields: We recommend a maximum of 100 fields in one app

  • Record revisions: 5,000 revisions

  • Records in app: 500,000 records maximum limit per app

  • Views: 100 public views per app; 100 private views per user


  • Calculation field: 60 numbers of refererences allowed; 10 levels reference of calculations allowed; adding a large number of calculation fields will decrease the performance of your app

  • Checklist field: 100 checklist items on a checklist field

  • File field: 200 files attached to a single file field; maximum file size is 100MB

  • Image field: 200 images attached to a single image field; maximum file size is 100MB; supported formats: JPG, PNG

  • Help text in fields: 500 characters

  • Location field: 250 maps per user per day (due to the Google API limit). This also applies when importing records from Excel.

  • Member field: 250 members can be added to the field

  • Relationship fields: 275 records per field

  • Select fields: 300 options per field


  • Actions: 5,000,000 actions per month

  • Automations: 8,000 automations per organization

  • Variables: Maximum of 65,535 characters in a variable

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