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With the file field, you can upload one or more files right into a record for easy share or make it available for download by other users. Use a variety of file formats to store all the materials you need as part of the work. Add even images, videos, or audio - the possibilities are endless.

Add a file field to an app

All control is in your hands. As its own field type, it's even more powerful, because it's not only its own static section in Tape. Easily decide in which app a file field is helpful, add it, and place it in the best position for you, even if you add more than one file field to an app.

Field type settings

Allow adding only one file - helpful use-case is e.g. final version.

Upload a new file

You can add files to your record in two ways:

  • Upload files from your computer:

    • Go to a file field in your record and tap on the button Add files

    • A menu will pop up. Select the file you want and click "Open".

  • You can also drag & drop files onto a record straight from your desktop or a folder on your computer.

πŸ’‘ Note: You can attach a size of up to 100 MB per file. Select more than one file to upload at the same time.

View, download, and remove files

Once you've uploaded your file:

View: Tap on any file, and Tape opens it in a preview. If there is no preview available, the file will be automatically downloaded for viewing. This is the case for Microsoft Excel, Word, or PowerPoint, for example.

​Download: View the file and click on the "Download icon" on its preview top right (How to view a file on preview? Just see one paragraph above).

​Remove: Simply hover over any file and click on the X sign on the right of each file to delete it from the record.

Learn more about how files can be displayed in the list, table, or board view.

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