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Checklists are great for many things and they are essentially simple. Checklist items are contrary to reminders for all workspace members always public, either done or not done, and if needed, they can have a single assignee or a due date.

Using a checklist field, you can break down a record's work into smaller parts or sequences and organize them further via Drag & Drop.


  1. Add a checklist field to an app

  2. Create, edit, delete or complete checklist items

  3. Manage your checklist items

  4. Display and manage checklist items in your focus

  5. Display checklist item count on views

  6. Use case for checklist items

Add a checklist field to an app

All control in your hands. As its own field type, it's even more powerful, because it's not only an own static section in Tape. Easily decide in which app a checklist field is helpful, add it and place it in the best position for you, even if you add more than one checklist field to an app.

Field type settings

  • Show checklist items in focus

  • Hide completed checklist items - to see completed click on the button Show completed

Create, delete or complete checklist items

To create:

  • Click the Add button and type the name of your checklist item

  • Once a checklist item is created - a new one can be created by clicking in the name of any checklist item and click on your keyboard enter key

To delete

  • To delete without marking it as completed, tap Delete at the three dots menu at the end of every checklist item

  • Or delete the name of the checklist item, if the name is empty click one more time "backspace" on your keyboard

To complete:

  • To mark a checklist item as completed, tap the empty circle next to it. To see all your completed checklist items on a record, tap the button Show completed next to the Add button.

Manage your checklist items

  • Set a due date

  • Add an assignee

  • Add details

  • Drag & Drop checklist items to reorganize

  • Show or Hide completed checklist items by clicking the button Show completed or Hide completed

Display and manage checklist items in your focus

Once a checklist item is created and you are add as assignee you can manage your checklist item from your focus. Edit, set a due date, change the assignee, add details or mark as completed directly from your focus.

πŸ’‘ Don't forget to activate the field type setting Show checklist items in focus.

Display checklist item count on views

You can easily identify if a record has incomplete checklist items along different views in Tape, like board, list or table. Look for the checklist item count icon:

Board view

List view

Table view

Use case for checklist items

  • Subtasks

  • Step by step instructions

  • Ready-made checklists

πŸ’‘ Recurring: Duplicate a record with the checklist items or save the checklist items with record templates to increase your productivity even more.

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