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Basic text with rich text styling options. Great to keep notes or prepare a meeting agenda. Use headings, lists, colors, code blocks, and much more to make your text stand out. In addition to using the main editing toolbar, you can also format text using keyboard shortcuts or /Slash Commands.


  1. Add a Multiple line text field to an app

  2. Text formatting options

  3. Formatting text with the toolbar

  4. Using the slash command

  5. Using emoji shortcut

  6. Formatting with keyboard shortcuts

Add a Multiple line text to an app

  • Tap on an app

  • Click on the ... menu next to the app name

  • Tap on Customize fields

  • Click on the + to create a new single select field or tap the "pen icon" to edit an existing one

  • Change the Field name

  • Toggle General settings on or off

    • Required field

    • Hidden if empty

    • Always hidden

    • Show help text

  • Click on Create

Text formatting options

Using Tape, you can format your text in a Multiple line text field as follows:

  • Turn into: Convert the selected text into:

    • Heading 1 - the largest heading

    • Heading 2 - the medium-sized heading

    • Bulleted list

    • Numbered list

  • Rich text: Bold, italics, underline and strikethrough.

  • Font color: Select from a range of vibrant text and background colors.

  • Code: Mark the selected text as code

Formatting text with the toolbar

Make your content engaging and consistent for any audience by applying formatting options to specific text in a record with the toolbar.

Simply select text in a Multiple line text field and use the toolbar to adjust your text.

Using the slash command

A menu full of options appears when you type "/" (= Slash Command).

Slash commands are generally used to format new blocks while writing text. Not really to format a specific selection of an already existing text. That’s the purpose of the toolbar we discussed earlier see above. It is possible to add quick formatting without taking a finger off the keyboard.

A. Navigate to a location where can be applied

B. Type a slash / to activate the Slash Command menu

C. Scrolling through the menu with your mouse and clicking to select. Without using the mouse, check the alternatives:

  • Use the arrow keys and press Enter to select.

  • Type the name of the command e.g. /grey and press "Enter" to select

Using emoji shortcut

Add emojis for more ways to express yourself. To use it:

A. During text entry, type: + a letter or number then the emoji keyboard will appear

B. Select an emoji with the mouse, or keep typing through the available emojis for one you like and press enter.

As examples type

:rocket = πŸš€

:new =πŸ†•

:thumb = πŸ‘

Formatting with keyboard shortcuts

After selecting the text you wish to format, you can also use classic formatting shortcuts in Tape. Here are some useful shortcuts to remember:

  • ctrl/cmd + b = bold

  • ctrl/cmd + i = italic

  • ctrl/cmd + u = underline

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