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Tape Tips: Ways to use your focus.
Tape Tips: Ways to use your focus.

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Using your focus in Tape is probably the easiest way to get organized faster.

You can imagine the focus as your personal cockpit. It is located on Home and displays everything that is assigned to you. Regardless of the app, everything comes together here in one place. The focus supports you together with your notifications to find your most important work tasks and completing them.

Below we will show you different ways and some examples of how you can use your focus to work in the best possible way.

1. Organize your focus with sections

The focus has pre-installed sections to prioritize and organize your tasks: Recently assigned, Do today, Do next week and Do later. You can easily drag and drop items into the different sections or move them by clicking on the icon.

💡Tip: Create additional sections or modify existing ones at any time. Use the "Three dots menu" to add a new section or to rename a section. But please don't forget that Recently assigned is a special section. This is the first place you will see when something is assigned to you.

2. Check your new tasks every day

All records that have been newly assigned to you first appear in the Recently assigned section. This section displays both, items that you have created yourself and items that have been assigned to you. By default, this section is sorted by time of assignment, not by a due date.

It is useful to check your focus daily and prioritize records from Recently assigned by moving them to the appropriate sections. If a record is a task that has no urgency, you can move it for example to either the Do later or Do next week section. This way you keep your focus on exactly the work you should do first.

💡Tip: Use a verb within the task title so that everyone knows immediately what needs to be done. Action-oriented titles help get people to click Completed faster. And that's a great feeling.

3. Assign a due date to each task

Although records that appear in Recently assigned always have a responsible person (you), they may not yet have a due date. The reason for this could be, for example, that your team member could not estimate an appropriate time frame for your task. Or you have assigned yourself a task without a due date.

In order to meet all deadlines, you should give your tasks a due date before moving them from the Recently assigned section to another one. This allows you to make better use of the "Sort by due date" feature, regardless of which section the item is in.

4. Tips for organizing your focus

When organizing your focus you have the free choice how to organize yourself. You can create additional sections within Do today, Do next week and Do later. This allows you to better sort and prioritize your work. Whether you are new to your focus or have already gained some experience, try the following tips to better organize your focus.

Task type

It helps to organize your focus by task type when you are working on many projects at the same time. By sorting similar tasks to each other, you avoid constantly switching back and forth between projects. You can focus on one project and its tasks before moving on to the next.


There are days when it is simply impossible to complete all tasks. In this case, it can help to sort your focus by priority. This will give you a good overview of which tasks you should focus on today and which tasks you can move to another day due to a lower priority.

Scope of tasks

You can set up your focus according to the scope of the tasks. This way you get clarity about which tasks can be done quickly and which of the tasks take more time. For example, you can divide your focus into "Fast tasks" and "Time-intensive tasks". Or the four-quadrant "Eisenhower Decision Matrix" for importance vs. urgency.

Working blocks

If your workday consists primarily of a large number of appointments, it makes sense to coordinate your focus with your calendar. This organizational structure promotes quick decisions, because you know immediately when new tasks are to be completed.

With a combination of your focus + notifications to best performance

Your focus is like your personal headquarter, where all the tasks assigned to you converge. You get a notification when records are updated or commented and to answer requests. The combined use is the best way to achieve a new level of work quality.

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