Status field

The status field gives you a concrete view of progress β€” with enough customization to suit any needs.

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Tape has a specially developed field that allows you to assign a status to your records. The main benefit is the central overview in your focus of everything that has been assigned to you and its status. This makes it easy to keep track of what needs to be done and what has already been done.

In the field settings you can choose between Completed or Uncompleted and you can add as many categories as you need. You can change or add to the preloaded categories, here are a some ideas:


  • "In the pipeline" - a project that may implemented in the future, but is not a priority at the moment

  • "Next" - prioritizing projects in your backlog

  • "Blocked" - until a problem is fixed, the project can't move forward

  • "Waiting" - a project cannot continue without approval or more information


  • "Ready to publish" - indicates that the project is ready to be finalized

  • "Published" - projects that are live

To display assigned records to everyones focus, use the field type setting Show in focus by member fields.

Video shows:

  • User adds the subcategory "Discarded" to the status field

  • A change to the Kanban Board synchronizes the focus

Status field

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