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A calculation field can be a great way to easily manipulate the data added to your apps. In addition to being able to perform mathematical calculations on the numbers in your app, this field type can also be used to concatenate the values in certain fields together.

With variables, you can add other field values to a calculation field. You can find variables by using the "@" symbol. Any field within your app or within any related app can be referenced.

For mathematical operations on numeric values, use the standard operators (+, -, *, /), which should be separated by spaces (e.g. "Value1 + Value2", not "Value1+Value2").

Strings of text can also be included in your calculations. Text must be enclosed in quotation marks, and the "+" symbol should be used between text and variables (e.g. Value1 + " line of text " + Value2).

There are three types of formatting options for calculation results: Text, Number and Date. The calculation results formatting options are determined each time you change your formula.

Developers can also make use of the JavaScript support in calculation fields to create even more advanced calculations. Available Libraries, Markdown Support, HTML & CSS Support, etc. β€” Learn more about β†’

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