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The number field is designed for all about numbers. All numerical values can be stored using the number field type, such as how many tickets are left for a conference and what is the ticket price. Furthermore, you can customize various settings like prefixes, suffixes, and format settings. This allows you to trade any unit symbol or numerical units such as currencies, %, miles, or all other units on your preferences.

Add a number field to an app

  • Tap on an app

  • Click on the ... menu next to the app name

  • Tap on Customize fields

  • Click on the + to create a new number field or tap the "pen icon" to edit an existing one

  • Change the Field name

  • Choose the Field type settings such as

    • Show thousand separator

    • Show unit symbol as prefix to set up the format for unit symbols

    • Show unit symbol as suffix to set up the format for unit symbols

  • Define Formatting settings

    • Toggle on prefix or suffix and type in the space provided your unit symbol such as $, USD, minutes, kg, or whatever you have in mind

    • Choose whole numbers or decimal numbers, including their precision, up to 8 decimal places in the dropdown

  • Toggle General settings on or off

    • Required field

    • Hidden if empty

    • Always hidden

    • Show help text

  • Click on Create

πŸ’‘ Tip: Use Tape's number field to combine the power of several features. To make the values in number fields dynamic with mathematical formulas, check out Tape's powerful advanced field-type calculations or use calculations in a table view.

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