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Create an OAuth 2.0 Connection
Create an OAuth 2.0 Connection
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  1. Create an OAuth client in the service that you want to connect with Tape. Creating the OAuth client is usually available in the "Developer" section of the service settings. When creating the client, you will have to specify a Redirect URL (sometimes called a Callback URL).

    Use the following Redirect URL:

    Once you have created the client in the 3rd party service, the given service will display two keys: Client ID and Client secret (sometimes called App key and App secret). Make sure you save these keys. You will be asked to provide them when creating the connection in Tape.

  2. Check the Authorize URL and Token URL in the documentation of the service. These are URL addresses through which Tape communicates with the service. The addresses are used also for OAuth authorization.

    Example of Podio addresses:

    • Authorize URL:

    • Token URL:

    • Resource owner URL:

  3. Add in a Tape Automation the action Send API request and click on Add connection in the connections menu to create an OAuth 2.0 connection.

  4. Fill in:

    • Connection name: Name of the connection.

    • Client ID: Provided by the service.

    • Client secret: Provided by the service.

    • Authorize URL from the service's API documentation.

    • Token URL from the service's API documentation.

    • Scope (optional): Your connection API scopes. Check the service API documentation for the list of API scopes.

    • Resource owner details URL (optional): Provider URL to fetch user details

  5. Click Save connection to create the OAuth 2.0 connection.

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